Investor Story


Cryoport’s mission is to support life and health on earth by providing reliable and comprehensive logistics solutions for the life sciences through its advanced technologies and dedicated personnel. Cryoport will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers and to conduct its business to the highest ethical and professional standards. Science. Logistics. Certainty.


Cryoport’s Goals are:

  • Create Superior Shareholder Value
  • Continuous revenue growth in our core markets: Biopharma, Reproductive Medicine and Animal Health markets.
  • Global growth through organic performance and through acquisitions.
  • Substantial increase in market share by providing life sciences clients with advanced logistics solutions in keeping with the advances in biologic science.
  • Achieve gross margin and operating margin commensurate with the value provided to clients.
  • Continually add additional logistics services to enhance the desirability of Cryoport solutions.
  • Develop new competencies, services and alliances, consistent with client demand, to better serve the market.

Core Values

Our Core Values

Passion – We are driven to advance our logistics solutions for the life sciences industry – we never lose sight of the value we bring to science.

Integrity – We operate with honesty, truthfulness and transparency in accordance to the highest ethical and corporate governance standards – mutual respect, integrity and trust are our foundation.

Teamwork – We get things done – we insist on every individual’s commitment to our corporate advancement. None of us is as smart as all of us – we believe all ideas and outcomes are improved through collaboration. We challenge conventional thinking and insist on rigorous problem solving resulting in superior solutions. Overcoming barriers is core to our culture; we never give up. We exercise mutual respect and expect harmonious collaboration amongst our employees across the entirety of our operations enabling us to provide clients with outstanding support and service.

Value Creation – We strive, in all things, to build value for all stakeholders through our client centric focus, exceeding competitive benchmarks, providing the highest level of performance and achieving consistent revenue and profitability growth – our excellence is the result of our focus, expertise and perseverance.