Investor Story


Cryoport is focused on being the most comprehensive, fully integrated and commercially successful life sciences enabling company in the world providing logistics solutions, including, packaging, transportation, storage, information for science and regulatory compliance and fulfillment.

Cryoport’s differentiating characteristics in the cryogenic industry are our leadership, agility, reliability, innovation and excellence, as we provide clients with science, logistics and certainty.

What we do

Cryoport is the premier provider of cryogenic solutions for the life sciences industry through its purpose-built proprietary packaging, information technology and specialized cold chain logistics expertise.

Competitive Advantages

Cryoport’s solutions are comprehensive and integrated for maximum reliability, economy and effectiveness. Cryoport’s total logistics solution enables life sciences companies to utilize the superior liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology without having to make capital investments or developing in-house logistics expertise and systems by offering a complete solution, which includes the cloud-based Cryoportal™ logistics management platform, the real-time condition monitoring system and the 24/7/365 logistics support. Cryoport allows the customer to outsource logistics and focus on its core competencies while maintaining visibility of all logistics related information.

Within our intended biotechnology and life sciences markets for Cryoport Express® Shippers, there is limited known direct competition. We compete with liquid nitrogen and dry ice solutions by reason of the improved and integrated hardware and software technology in our products including our comprehensive logistics management software and through the use of our service enabled business model. The Cryoport Express® Solution provides a simple and cost effective solution for the frozen or cryogenic transport of biotech and life sciences materials.

The Cryportal™ is a proprietary cloud-based operating platform that accepts orders, prepares paperwork, tracks and monitors each shipment’s movement, and maintains integrity throughout the entire logistics process. The Cryoportal is purposefully built to support the cold chain and cryogenically frozen material, providing chain-of-custody and chain-of-condition information for quality assurance and regulatory purposes.

Cryoport’s dry-vapor shippers provide an environmentally-conscious, patent-protected and validated cryogenic shipping solutions. Cryoport has established strategic alliances and partnerships, including FedEx, UPS , DHL and Worthington Cryogenics and is fully integrated with FedEx, DHL and UPS.

Growth Drivers

According to the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, as of the end of 2015, there are approximately 63 phase III clinical trials, 376 phase II clinical trials, 192 phase 1 clinical trials in process. As of March 31, 2016, Cryoport supported more than 50 clinical trials and 20% of the estimated phase III trials for various regenerative therapies.

Cryoport currently supports 8 of the top 10 CAR T-cell therapies. This is a rapidly growing space in the life sciences industry for Cryoport, with CAR T-cell therapy logistics demand projected to ramp significantly starting in late-2017 into 2018. GE Healthcare is projecting volumes in excess of 1 million shipments annually by 2019.


The total value of the biologics market today is estimated to be $289 billion and is growing 10.8% annually. By extrapolation, the market will total $800 to $900 billion by 2025, which will continue to accelerate the need for cryogenic solutions.

Target markets

Animal Health
Reproductive Medicine/IVF